IP Communication - Call Box 600

Call Box 600

The ultimate communicator for hospitals

- SIP based firmware support best compatibility with many Hospital communication system and firmware & configure with auto provision
- MOBILE platform chipset with excellent power management, which extend unit working hours than many WIFI voice device
- EASY operation, as voice identify calling in hands-free mode allows staff to keep working while communicating
- WEIGHT less than 80g: Lightweight, wearable design ensure the C600 is readily available and easy to use.

Topic B122 Plus Red

Topic B122 Red

Wallmountable unit with 4 one touch memories
Lockable keyboard
Emergency / Alarm telephone
Ideal for use as back up telephone on IP networks

Topic Senior IP Telephone

Big Button Senior VOIP telephone

- 3 Photo one-touch memories
- 10 Two-touch memories
- Extra large figures on buttons
- Ringer flashlight-LED
- Full hands free with volume control
- Handset amplification
- Flash- call transfer
- Last number redial
- Mute for privacy
- Desk or wall mountable (optional wallmount available in black color only)

Topic 2013 Big Button Telephone

Topic 2013 - White

- Jumbo keypad
- 12-digit LCD big display with backlight and 8 levels of LCD contrast setting
- High quality hands free talking and dialing with 4 adjustable levels
- Hands-free dialing and speakerphone function
- Booster key for handset receiver volume control +10Db
- 16 kinds of ringing tone selectable
- Ringing volume 4 levels selectable
- Handset receiver hearing aid function
- Pre dial and edit function (prepare dialing without lifting the handset)
- Large light indicator for incoming call
- Call er ID speakerphone (FSK/DTMF compatible with auto detection)

Topic 1040 RC


- SOS phone with remote pendant: emergency call with message to 3 pre programmed numbers
- Waterproof (ip56) pendant, max. 2 programmable
- With SOS-medaillon
- Wired alarm contact (alarm function)
- Handsfree communication controlled by button or by pendant
- 3 photo keys + 10 abbreviated dial numbers
- Hearing aid compatible
- Amplified handset +40dB
- Loud ring +90dB
- Speech tone frequency control
- Big illuminated keys

Topic Big Button Phone

Topic Big Button Phone
- 3 one-touch photo memories
- 10 Two-touch memories
- Receiver volume control
- Ringer switch ON/OFF
- Extra large figures on buttons
- Ringer LED-flashlight
- Full handsfree with volume control
- Handset amplification +26db
- Last number redial
- Mute for privacy
- Analog and VoIP
- Desk or wall mountable (optional wallmount available in black color only)

Topic Dect

Big Button Dect.jpg

- Big keys and LCD with Backlight Illumination
- Amplification Handset up to +55 Db
- Super Loud Ringer Base/Handset +80 Db
- 5 Steps Digital Volume Control
- Handsfree Talking(Duplex)
- Hearing Aid Compatible
- Off Hook Dialing
- Multiple Settings for Sound and Volume Handset
- LED-Indicator Calls
- Menu 10 Languages
- 3 Direct Memories

Topic Alpha Open Air

Alpha Open Air

A good many open air festivals have fallen flat due to bad weather. Bad weather, however, is no problem for the rugged and weather-proof telephone alpha® open air®.
The alpha® open air® is definitely the right choice for multistorey car parks, cab stands, open-air storage places,
self-service areas of banks, sports grounds and many other unsupervised or even open-air places.
Mounted on a wall or a mast, in all weathers, rain or shine – telephoning is always possible.

Topic Dect VoIP DI681W SIP

Topic Dect VoIP DI681W SIP

WIFI SIP cordless phone

Specifications attached in PDF-file under attachments.

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